File Folder Games and Flip Chute

All the kids are home today from school and I have Monkey. I was on my toes today! I knew I would need things to do with all the kids so I pulled out some activities that I had been holding on to, things I have wanted to make but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Plus, they had to do some extra chores, like clean up their bed rooms!

First up, yesterday I showed you a dinosaur puzzle that Monkey and I colored. While he understood the concept that it was a puzzle, he couldn’t quite figure out how to put it together. I mentioned I had further plans for it. Using another copy that we colored, with Princess’ help this time, I made a completed picture on one side of a file folder with the puzzle pieces in a bag on the other side. Hopefully this will help him learn to use the puzzle. The 2 colors of brown are because we accidentally got different shades of brown. I am trying really hard to let the little things like this go, it is a game for a toddler, it doesn’t really matter if the colors match, right? Right! I received this print out a long long time Dino puzzleago I have no idea where it came from or I would create the source. If anyone happens to know I would love to give credit where it is due.

Next, when I was looking for some shape print outs for Monkey I came across these “basic shape crafts” at  DLTK   I used the actual shapes from them in a bulletin board but set aside the body parts thinking I could make a game to help teach body parts with them. Today I used them along with a potato body shape in a file folder to made another file folder game. I will probably add some of the other printables form the body shape page later, just because they are so cute. Monkey is still taking hipotato file folders nap, but Rebel and Princess had fun playing with them. I always think it is funny when I make something for Monkey and the bigger kids like to play with it just as much.

Towards the beginning of the school year, the elementary school had a math night. At math night we were sent home with flash cards for the kids to use to practice math facts. All I could think of was hundreds of small papers all over the house. I created a multiplication lapbook to hold all of Rebel’s flash cards. multiplication lapbookI worked out great and kept all his cards tidy. I also saw something called a flip chute to use with small flash cards. This has been in the back of my mind to make for a long time but, we hardly ever have those cardboard half gallon milk or juice cartons. Last week, I ran out of milk and Monkey was not going to go down for a nap with out his milk, I got the “are you kidding me” look when I tired to substitute water. So we ran to the corner store, a little Mom and Pop type that cost a fortune but is super close and easy to get in and out of in a hurry. I grabbed a carton of milk and so we finally have one. Back to the point, the flip chute is a really easy function machine that basically turns the flash card over. In reality it is totally not necessary, yes they could just flip the card over. But for some reason putting it through the flip chute Flip Chutemakes it a ton more fun and the kids each spent at least a half hour working with their flashcards. I will be making at least one more so each of the younger kids can have one, they can be used for any subject you can make a flash card to help study. Even Rocket at some point will probably use these. Make your own Flip chute, the directions are super easy to follow and it is insane how much they like using it to practice! There are a ton of free sites online that you can use to make flash cards that work with it too.

Have a great day and remember to thrive!