About Me


My name is Amy. I am married with 5 kids, 3 biological and 2 of my heart. When I was 26 I got custody of 2 of my nieces, they were 12 and 13 at the time, they are now 25 and 26 with toddlers of their own. I watch Monkey (2 years) during the day while Britney and her hubby are working, so there are lots of pictures and post of how we spend our day and how we are doing tot school. My biological children are Rocket (15 yrs) who loves science, math and electronics, Rebel (12 yrs) is my artist and extremely creative, he also has ADD and ODD plus is allergic to sugar, Princess (7 yrs) she is going to start homeschooling with me this year, she enjoys arts and crafts and being outside.

This blog is about my daily adventures raising my kids, trying to keep sane, and dealing with whatever life throws at me. Some days are all about thriving and others are just ….how I survived the day.



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