Slime Time and Cloud Dough

So we joined the slime train and made our first batch.  Well the first batch failed, I saw on a site that you could use saline solution instead of contact solution, well either I did it wrong or you can’t.  It was this nasty goop that was not appealing or fun at all.  So we scrapped that batch, ran to the store, picked up contact solution and tried again. This time it worked great! Monkey and Lion loved it.



Everything was great until…..Lion needed a diaper change. While I was just out of view, Monkey decided to put half of the slime on his head, where is immediately started melting into his hair, his long beautiful hair. I admit, I panicked for a second there was so much of the slime and every second more hair seemed to be getting eaten by it even though I had pulled that section away from the rest. It was like a huge mass of bubble gum, you couldn’t it out without pulling the hair out. But after a second I calmed down and realized, hey it is mostly just glue and shaving cream which are both water soluble. We pulled a stool up to the kitchen sink and salon style started rinsing out the slime. It took a few minutes to start dissolving but it did work, crisis adverted. However slime is not banned in my house!

Instead we made cloud dough which has been much more fun and way less headache. Cloud dough is also super simple, it is basically flour and a little baby oil, I also added lavender essential oil to provide a calming influence as well. Princess was at camp last week so she just saw it for the first time today and she liked it too.


We are all enjoying the cloud dough, it is also much easier to clean and smells amazing.

We are starting this summer off to thrive!