Guest Blogger: Rebel

Today Rebel is going to be a guest blogger,  he did a community service project for school and as part of the assignment he chose to do a blog post to describe his experience. I figured if he was going to do it, we might as well put it to good use. So here is Rebel:

Hi, I’m Rebel. So yeah , I had to do a community service project for my civics class and I chose to donate to and volunteer at an animal shelter.


These are most of the items I collected


I chose this project because I like animals and I liked the idea of being able to play with animals. The shelters provide a place for stray animals or animals that got left behind or that people don’t want anymore. Donating to them helps them have the food, cleaning supplies and money to get medical care. Volunteering helps because they don’t really have the money to have enough staff to give all the extra care like play time and walks.

The shelter I chose to help.


Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue and Hospital was the shelter I chose to help. I chose them because they were close to my house and I have seen them at other community events.


My favorite kitten I got to play with that day.


The kittens were adorable, now I want a cat of my own. But since Mom is allergic, I can’t get a cat. It was a lot of fun to play with the kittens, they are really really soft.

The whole experience was a lot of fun and I am glad I chose it for my service project.  It is something I would like to do again and regularly if possible.


Thanks Rebel!! That was a great post. You did a great job on your service project and your blog post. I also have to agree that it was a great experience. And maybe we have another blogger in the family someday!

This was a great day to thrive!