Laundry Stripping

Ok I just have to say that stripping my laundry was one of the grossest things I have ever done. I mean come on these were things that were supposed to be clean! 

Let’s step back a little though, what is laundry stripping and why would I do it? Well while we think washing our clothes gets them clean it does and doesn’t. The soap we use can leave residue, our skin oils and sweat can get ground in and not come out with regular washing. Using stripping enzymes can get all that out, refresh the material and restore the softness to like new. 

For instance this pillow case has been regularly washed, and I have tried other things to make it look less dingy. After stripping it is soft and bright! 

I also washed Rebel’s “twinkles,” this is his blanket he got when he was 1 and has been his constant companion for 12 years now. He still sleeps with it every night and it has to be what is touching his skin. Over the years I have done my best sneaking in washes but it was getting pretty gross. Twelves years of boy smells and now teen boy smells was taking its toll. I ended up draining the water half way through stripping it because I just couldn’t handle it. Here is the before and after, which doesn’t due justice to the incredible difference. 

And here is the nasty stuff that came out, this is the second round!

Gross right!! 

Here is a great guide and more information For the love of clean

Off to strip some more! 



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