Bullet Journaling

Have you heard of it? In many ways it has changed my life!  Basically, for me, it is everything I need to know and keep myself accountable in one place. I have everything from monthly, weekly and daily calendars to kid’s school schedules to meal planning and grocery shopping to habit tracker to event count down to books I want to read and movies I want to watch! I have even made some for the kids with chores, extra curricular activities and such so they know what is going on too. 

If you want to check out more I recommend going directly to the source Bulletjournal.com

I love the fact that you can use pretty much anything as a bullet journal. I use regular spiral notebooks for the kids, a lined journal for mine but lots of people use blank journals or dot grid notebooks too. 

I also recommend starting simple and seeing what works for you, adding and subtracting what works for you. 

This is an example of my weekly and daily spread. I use what is called a Dutch door. My weekly is along the bottom and my daily pages are cut so the weekly is visable all week. On the first page is my weekly menu and blog post. On my daily pages I write my to do list, x means completed and > means transfer to another day. 

I find when I use my bullet journal I am more motivated, more organized and it helps keep my depression at bay. 

A great tool for thriving!!



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