I survived the day!

Today was on of those days. You know the kind I mean where you wish you could just hide in your bed all day but you are an adult with kids and a husband who has to work even though it is Saturday. 

Today I woke up to the sound of Princess and Rebel arguing, so wonderful, ugh! My head felt like it was imploding, that you so much sinuses, and of course someone had taken the last of the cold meds without telling me.

Kids were all on electronics and chores hadn’t been done, a huge no no! Thank goodness for coffee!! I still am not quite sure how me enforcing rules, they are all familiar with makes me the bad guy or why they think arguing with me about my level of expectation being to high is going to help their cause. Yes throwing a loud fit when my head is exploding is really going to further your case, please use some common sense! 

Finally Jeremy gets home from work!! Yay! I make a meal plan, create a shopping list and exscape!!

Princess tried to get me to let her come, I was pretty impressed with myself for saying, No Sweetie Mommy needs some kid free time away from you all! 

I spent about 4 hours shopping and it was wonderful. I even grabbed some food and didn’t have to share and got a tea to myself while grocery shopping! The only draw back was when I accidentally dropped a jar of salsa, I couldn’t blame it on the kids! 

I am home, they are having make your own dinner tonight, I took nighttime cold meds and have survived the day!



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