Schedule charts

Many of you know Monkey is working hard to overcome a significant speech delay as well as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD.) it can make it a challenge sometimes to figure out what he wants and he finds transitions difficult. We took the advice of his therapist and made a scheduling chart and it has helped so much! 

The first one he doesn’t get a choice about what is on it. In this case he got to play Batman and then play dough. I made the charts with plastic file folders I found at Dollar Tree, Velcro dots and clip art I found online and laminated. I left a few cards blank so if something came up ( like Batman) I could draw a simple picture with dry erase markers. 

The other folder is Monkey’s choice. If on the schedule I put arts and crafts But don’t have a specific project then I can put up to 4 arts and craft activities on the front for Monkey to chose from. This folder also works well for when he is trying to tell me something that I can’t understand. I can open both folders and see if he can show me.

As he gets older we will add more than 2 items at a time on the schedule. These types of visual schedule work great for all kids, when Rocket and Rebel were younger we had one I made on a poster board that had morning and bed time routines. When they completed the task they took the card off and put it in a pouch attached to the chart. We have created similar ones for chore charts through the years too. I love them! They have been low maintenance and easy to use for us.

Surviving and Thriving!



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