Laundry Stripping

Ok I just have to say that stripping my laundry was one of the grossest things I have ever done. I mean come on these were things that were supposed to be clean! 

Let’s step back a little though, what is laundry stripping and why would I do it? Well while we think washing our clothes gets them clean it does and doesn’t. The soap we use can leave residue, our skin oils and sweat can get ground in and not come out with regular washing. Using stripping enzymes can get all that out, refresh the material and restore the softness to like new. 

For instance this pillow case has been regularly washed, and I have tried other things to make it look less dingy. After stripping it is soft and bright! 

I also washed Rebel’s “twinkles,” this is his blanket he got when he was 1 and has been his constant companion for 12 years now. He still sleeps with it every night and it has to be what is touching his skin. Over the years I have done my best sneaking in washes but it was getting pretty gross. Twelves years of boy smells and now teen boy smells was taking its toll. I ended up draining the water half way through stripping it because I just couldn’t handle it. Here is the before and after, which doesn’t due justice to the incredible difference. 

And here is the nasty stuff that came out, this is the second round!

Gross right!! 

Here is a great guide and more information For the love of clean

Off to strip some more! 



Bullet Journaling

Have you heard of it? In many ways it has changed my life!  Basically, for me, it is everything I need to know and keep myself accountable in one place. I have everything from monthly, weekly and daily calendars to kid’s school schedules to meal planning and grocery shopping to habit tracker to event count down to books I want to read and movies I want to watch! I have even made some for the kids with chores, extra curricular activities and such so they know what is going on too. 

If you want to check out more I recommend going directly to the source

I love the fact that you can use pretty much anything as a bullet journal. I use regular spiral notebooks for the kids, a lined journal for mine but lots of people use blank journals or dot grid notebooks too. 

I also recommend starting simple and seeing what works for you, adding and subtracting what works for you. 

This is an example of my weekly and daily spread. I use what is called a Dutch door. My weekly is along the bottom and my daily pages are cut so the weekly is visable all week. On the first page is my weekly menu and blog post. On my daily pages I write my to do list, x means completed and > means transfer to another day. 

I find when I use my bullet journal I am more motivated, more organized and it helps keep my depression at bay. 

A great tool for thriving!!


I survived the day!

Today was on of those days. You know the kind I mean where you wish you could just hide in your bed all day but you are an adult with kids and a husband who has to work even though it is Saturday. 

Today I woke up to the sound of Princess and Rebel arguing, so wonderful, ugh! My head felt like it was imploding, that you so much sinuses, and of course someone had taken the last of the cold meds without telling me.

Kids were all on electronics and chores hadn’t been done, a huge no no! Thank goodness for coffee!! I still am not quite sure how me enforcing rules, they are all familiar with makes me the bad guy or why they think arguing with me about my level of expectation being to high is going to help their cause. Yes throwing a loud fit when my head is exploding is really going to further your case, please use some common sense! 

Finally Jeremy gets home from work!! Yay! I make a meal plan, create a shopping list and exscape!!

Princess tried to get me to let her come, I was pretty impressed with myself for saying, No Sweetie Mommy needs some kid free time away from you all! 

I spent about 4 hours shopping and it was wonderful. I even grabbed some food and didn’t have to share and got a tea to myself while grocery shopping! The only draw back was when I accidentally dropped a jar of salsa, I couldn’t blame it on the kids! 

I am home, they are having make your own dinner tonight, I took nighttime cold meds and have survived the day!


Our Newest Little Lion

Isn’t he the cutest thing you have seen? The is Monkey’s little brother. He will be going by the man Lion on here. Lion was born on September 8th and is a super happy baby. 

Britney has been back to work for awhile now and I am watching the boys while she does. We have settled into a pretty good routine. And been having a lot of fun. Soon I will soon start posting some of the fun things Lion and I get up to!

Welcome my little Lion!


Pattern Block Fun

Princess needed some pattern blocks to complete her homework. Well, currently my school room and supplies are a disaster. So I quickly printed some off the Internet for her. Well Monkey thought this looked like fun! I made them more toddler friendly by using mod podge to glue them to a file folder then cut them out when dry. I also printed him a few puzzles to use with them. He thought they were great! I will probably put the pages in a file folder and the pieces in a baggie attached to the folder and have a version to go!

Another Day to thrive!


Schedule charts

Many of you know Monkey is working hard to overcome a significant speech delay as well as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD.) it can make it a challenge sometimes to figure out what he wants and he finds transitions difficult. We took the advice of his therapist and made a scheduling chart and it has helped so much! 

The first one he doesn’t get a choice about what is on it. In this case he got to play Batman and then play dough. I made the charts with plastic file folders I found at Dollar Tree, Velcro dots and clip art I found online and laminated. I left a few cards blank so if something came up ( like Batman) I could draw a simple picture with dry erase markers. 

The other folder is Monkey’s choice. If on the schedule I put arts and crafts But don’t have a specific project then I can put up to 4 arts and craft activities on the front for Monkey to chose from. This folder also works well for when he is trying to tell me something that I can’t understand. I can open both folders and see if he can show me.

As he gets older we will add more than 2 items at a time on the schedule. These types of visual schedule work great for all kids, when Rocket and Rebel were younger we had one I made on a poster board that had morning and bed time routines. When they completed the task they took the card off and put it in a pouch attached to the chart. We have created similar ones for chore charts through the years too. I love them! They have been low maintenance and easy to use for us.

Surviving and Thriving!


Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I like hard boiled eggs, but I have always been terrible at making them. The shells always stick to the eggs and I end up peeling half the egg with it. Occasionally I would have a batch that would peel but I never could figure out what, if anything, I did differently. I tried all the tricks, baking soda or vinegar, it didn’t matter. I even tried the oven method, still nope. 

Enter my magical Instant Pot!! Finally perfect hard boiled eggs, perfectly peelable! (Yes I know, not really a word) I use the 6-6-6 method. 6 min high pressure, 6 min natural release, 6 min ice bath.

I made 17 eggs in one shot, just added a cup of water to the bottom. Then put my steamer basket on the trivit, set eggs in steamer basket. Then used the 6-6-6 timing. They were perfect! Peeled easily, even Rebel thought they were great. 

Another great way to set up my week!


Instant Pot, Instant Love!

I know you are all probably tired of hearing about my magical Instant Pot! Rocket even asked if there was ever going to be a day I didn’t use it for something ( or like the other day all 3 meals!) I am sure there will be a day, just probably not anytime soon! 

Tonight I did some quick prep for the rest of the week. I figure this week might be a little rough after the long school break and 4 day weekend for Jeremy. 

I wanted to make something full of protein and warm for Jeremy to have for breakfast. He has to head out the door a little after 5:00 am and temps are supposed to be freezing this week. So I whipped up omlettes in a jar. It was super fast and easy! 

Princess asked to help and could have easily done it by herself! I layered hash browns, 2 eggs (yolks broke or you could scramble,) bacon, cheese and kimchi (you could use salsa instead) and put the lids on the jars. 1 cup of water in my IP, placed the jars on the trivit, 6 min manual pressure, instant release. Done! A week’s worth of breakfast.

Great way to help survive the next few days! 


What if you fly?


A lot of people that I know have been trying to find a “word of the year.” I have been thinking this is a great idea! But what do I want that to look like for me and my family. How can I turn that into something that I can make concrete enough for my literal brain yet creative enough to inspire my other side too? I finally came up with the word FLY. Inspired by the Erin Hansen quote “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

Something that has always held me back is my fear of failing. I rarely, willing, will try something I am afraid I won’t be able to do. I don’t have to do it perfectly the first time I am not that timid, but to utterly fail at something…well I simply do not deal with that very well. As a matter of fact failing will usually put me in such a tail spin of depression it will take awhile to crawl out. I know in my head this is silly. I mean come on, sometimes failing can be fun, failing teaches you lessons, everyone fails.  I know all of this, but there is this deep down fear.

So this is the year I am going to work on it. This is the year I will push barriers, try scary new things. Maybe just maybe, I will fly.