Daddy’s Bread

When I was growing up my Dad occasionally made homemade bread. It always smelled so good and that first warm slice was incredible. 

After Rebel couldn’t have sugar anymore bread was an area we had to deal with. All store bought bread, that I could find, has sugar. I did figure out the really cheap bread usually only contains enough sugar to activate the yeast, but do we really want to eat that “cotton candy” bread?  No, not really! 

I have tried lots of bread recipes, and have really liked most of them. My only issue has been most of the recipes only make 2 loaves and sometimes doubling (or tripling) works, sometimes not. I prefer to only bake bread once a week, so with school lunches and toast that is about a loaf a day. Homemade loaves are smaller than store bought too. 

That is why I have been using Daddy’s recipe. It makes 6 loaves and is really easy! I do substitute the sugar for dectrose. He clipped the recipe from a newspaper decades ago. I have no idea from what newspaper or who created the recipe. I would love to learn the history of it though. 


It makes a great sandwich bread and rolls as well. Although it is easier to slice the next day and the rolls are best right after baking. 

Happy baking!!



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