A month of breakfast 

Around here mornings can be crazy! We have 3 different schedules and Monkey comes at different times depending on Brit’s school schedule. Anything I can do to make it easier and save time is great! Did I mention I am not a great morning person, so that doesn’t help either. Making ahead breakfast burritos and pancake poppers, freezing them and having them ready makes it so much easier! 

The breakfast burritos I make are very basic so everyone will eat them (some of us add hot sauce after hearing.) I just brown some ground sausage, add scrambled eggs and some shredded cheese then wrap in a tortilla. I wrap the tortilla in plastic wrap and store in the bag from the tortilla in the freezer. In the morning I grab one out unwrap and microwave for about 90 seconds. Nice yummy protein filled breakfast before school or work!

I have no idea what other people call them but we dubbed the pancake poppers. Basically they are a pancake muffin with sausage in the middle. I have a great pancake mix recipe that I found at Cook Eat Share, we substitute dectrose for the sugar. I made a huge double batch of the mix, then sprayed my muffin tins, scooped 2 oz of batter in each cup using my cookie scoop, then added half a sausage link ( pre-cooked) to each cup pressing down slightly. Bake at 350 till tops are golden and dough it cooked through, about 10-15 mins usually. I ended up with almost 75 poppers. I store them in gallon size freezer bags and pull out the number needed. Again just heat in microwave for about a minute. Not as much protein as the burritos, but it stops them from wanting syrup before school which we don’t allow and is quick and portable. 

Hope this gives you some ideas to make your mornings easier!



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