Toddler Farm Unit

Now that it is just Monkey and I again I have been putting more focus on his tot school. We are currently working through a farm unit, focusing on farm znals mostly. I printed out the Old McDonald’s Farm flannel board set and clank can from I printed them out in color this time just to check it out, but I personally like the black and white print out better and color it myself.  I laminated them then used a hot glue gun to add felt to the back.  

We have done some really cute art projects too. The first one is a handprint sheep. I traced Monkey’s hand on construction paper. Then added glue to the area where he needed to added cotton balls. I think it turned out pretty cute.  He like putting the cotton balls on so much I put glue on the scrap paper and let him go to town.

Another art project we did was muddy pigs. I printed out a coloring page of a pig and let him finger paint with brown paint. And in true Monkey style he got himself all “muddy” too. Which worked great since we had just read Mrs. Wishy Washy, hence the muddy pig, so off to the bath tub went a “muddy” Monkey.  

The last project we did was to make a Mrs. Wishy Washy file folder game. It is actually a print out from but I laminated the pieces and turned it into a file folder game. Monkey hasn’t played with it yet, he was tired so he is napping. I will put it on the plan for tomorrow.

A couple other ideas I had that we haven’t done yet are farm animals in the sensory tub with something that looks like animal feed, I was thinking wheat berries. I have some shredded yellow paper, like for gift packaging or Easter baskets, I might use that as “hay” instead.

I was inspired by Mrs. Wishy Washy and put some stuffed animals in a laundry basket with a wash cloth so he could wash them. He wasn’t interested today, and that is ok, I will try again a different day. Maybe he will like it then maybe not.

Hope this gives you some fun ideas!



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