The Very Hungry Cateepillar

Today Monkey and I made a Clank Can for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I found these on Making Learning Fun, and we love them! They have a ton of great ideas for learning games, clank cans, arts and crafts, flannel boards I use them all the time.  I simply print them out, color and laminate, on Making Learning Fun they glue them onto juice cans but I don’t use enough frozen juice to do that and laminating seems to make enough of a clank he is happy with them.  Monkey isn’t ready to re-tell the story with them yet, we mostly talk about pictures, and use it for fine motor skills. I have one for Brown Bear as well to talk about colors. I added small sticker magnets on the back to Brown Bear so we can use them with a dollar store cookie sheet as well. This time I used a small peanuts can so we can decorate the outside, cut a slit in the top and done! On the website she makes one can for each story but I don’t have room for that so we use the same can and I just store the stories ( or we call them games) in baggies, then you can put duct tape on the seam, hole punch it and put it in a binder.

 You can also use a small mouth mason jar with a Parmesan cheese lid. We use the big side for the clank can games and the holes side  for small straws or pipe cleaners.

Again you can store the pipe cleaners in a Baggie and use the jar for lots of things.

Today is a great day to thrive!



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