Taking Baby Steps

Thank you all for your support, it really does mean the world. I post about my depression because if there is someone out there who might stumble across my blog who doesn’t feel like they have the love and support that I do, maybe they will see they aren’t alone. Maybe through my journey they will find some help too. If nothing else maybe they would reach out to me. My depression may affect me harshly for a day or two, but I know I have people to help me and I have learned steps to help myself. I have a system in place where I have people close to me that I tell when I realize I am sinking into the depression. Together we talk about triggers and what will help. Usually in a day or two I feel much better. I wish everyone had as much security as I do, people who don’t judge but understand it is more than just being sad. Thank you again for all those who showed me support. My prayer is if you ever need it, please reach out, I for one promise to listen judgement free!



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