Depression Sucks!

I hate when depression hits me. I am going along feeling pretty good than bam I start feeling slower, sleepier, want to be alone more, I start feeling like nothing I do is right. I have no energy to do the things I want to accomplish. My biggest obstacle is that I don’t really want to do anything to make it better, that takes effort, effort is hard, hiding is easier. I have learned over the years, hiding doesn’t make it better, actually makes it worse for me and for my family. My depression affects them too, although part of me wonders if for the first few days they aren’t thinking yay as long as we leave her alone we can pretty much do what we want! Lol. When I get depressed it can be really hard to keep up with all the demands that kids make. I find it hard to make sure homework is completed and practices are done. It is difficult to make dinner, so they usually get the easiest thing I can think of to make, which isn’t always bad. So, I know I have to get up and set things to right, do the things that make me feel better. For me that usually means making sure the house is in rights, doing something fun but that involves other people.

Today so far that means playing a game of Bull’s Eye with Rebel (home from school for a migraine) and Princess. Most people probably have never heard of this game, but it is so much fun! We found it a couple years ago at the Sausage Festival in Vancouver WA. It is made by this family: Doug and Nilda Loriz

Bull's Eye
Rebel helping Princess with a 4 letter word

It is one of our favorite games because you aren’t stuck waiting for everyone else to take a turn, everyone plays at the same time, and it has was to modify the game for different ages to play together and everyone to still play at their own level. For instance, today Rebel and I play by the regular rules but Princess being only 7 plays by the rule she has to follow the dice rule for 3 and 4 letter words but anything above she treats like a bull’s eye. Of course if you have never played the game that makes no sense to you. We also don’t use the timer and help each other make words if we are stuck since I really am using this as an educational game. I also love the fact that not only does it work on spelling, logical thinking and strategy it also has math in there too. The board is set up in the pattern of a hundred’s chart and if your goal is to make it to the next red dot there is a lot of adding and subtracting involved plus algebra not that the kids know that.

Well off to figure out a decent dinner.

Here is to surviving the day!



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