Symmetry and Sleep

Princess did the funnest art activity that was actually for math. I have done this activity before with younger kids and yes it was fun and creative, but I guess I thought it was to simple for an older child? Was I ever wrong!  An older child is able to see depth in the project a younger one cannot. Princess was able to understand the concept of symmetry (we were learning about lines of symmetry in math) and manipulate the paint in the ways she desired. The finished products are simply beautiful and we had so much fun talking about we each saw in the pictures.

In this first one we used red and blue, we started with a dot of red, a dot of blue and then a dot of blue with a dot of red on top. We thought that it would combine to make purple, but for some reason it didn’t but did make an interesting effect. I thought this one looked like to Angels dancing, Princess thought it looked like 2 teddy bears cuddling with their feet together.

This was our first one, we both thought it looked like a butterfly, which Princess says was her plan.

Sleep is one of my escapes. I try to keep an eye on my sleep habits because when I start sleeping a lot it can mean I am depressed. Problem being, I also get depressed if I don’t sleep enough, plus I get migraines from it too. So, I feel like sleep can be a tightrope, however I also feel like sometimes I purposely lean a little to far one way thinking I can correct it before I fall. I will start reading a good book and play the just 10 more mins game, sometimes I really can’t fall asleep and reading does help, but sometimes I do get sleepy but am so into the book I don’t want to put it down. Insomnia doesn’t help with the balancing act. There are nights when I try and try to sleep, only to fall asleep 2 hours before I have to get up, Then run on empty all day only to fall in to bed exhausted and still not be able to fall asleep. That has been me lately, I am so tired, I know if I went in and laid down right now I could sleep. But I can’t, I have Monkey to watch and Princess to do school with, I promised Rebel I would make chili and cornbread for dinner, and of course the never ending chores. Plus for some reason I have an urge to make up some new beeswax covered bandannas, they are an alternative to plastic wrap.  If I can get up enough energy to make them I will take pictures and post how to make them. They are super easy and very useful!

Today might be a day where I just survive, but I am hoping to make it one in which I thrive!!



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