Pumpkin Science and Math Day

Life got a little crazy around here lately. We had a small visitor arrive on Labor Day, he needed a place to stay while his Mommy got herself some help. BB took custody of him but I was his child care, I forgot how much work babies are! Our school routines went down the drain, and I felt exhausted, by Friday I was ready to sleep all weekend. I also had a hard time blogging because I couldn’t post pictures of him, which I kept forgetting when I took pictures. 🙂 His mommy did a very scary and difficult thing and now is in a program to get the help she needs, so he gets to go to the place and live with her! While he was visiting his Mommy the yesterday, Princess, Monkey and I did some pumpkin science and math. It was great fun!

First we did an art/ science project. We drew the life cycle of a pumpkin from seed to sprout to vine to flower to g
reen pumpkin to orange pumpkin. Princess wouldn’t let me take a picture of her project because she IMG_0258thought it looks messy. There is a part of me that wants to do it anyway, but I do try to respect their wishes on things like this.

Next we used some of our super math skills and measured our pumpkins (or gourds) we used blocks to see the height and then measured them to make it a little easier, and a tape measure to get the circumference. We thought it was interesting that our pumpkin’s circumference was almost exactly twice as big as the height. Using a digital scale we weighted the pumpkins. And lastly we guessed how many seeds were in our pumpkin, then cut it open counted out 100 seeds and eIMG_0259estimated
the rest. Monkey misunderstood and tasted his gourd, thought it was yucky and pretty much abandoned our project.

For science we talked about the parts of the pumpkin and gIMG_0262ave the scraps to the chickens. Princess had just finished a unit all about animals, plants, water and air so I was trying to incorporate them all in our project. To bring in the water and air we hypothesized which would create a better puree, boiling the pumpkin in water or baking it in the oven (hot air). I actually thought baking it would be better since that is what most people sayIMG_0264 to do, Princess thought boiling it would be better (since that is what we do to make mashed potatoes.) Turned out for us, she was right, the boiled pumpkin made a smoother softer puree. Of course we had to make something with the puree so Princess made a super simple pumpkin muffing (cupcake) which had more math, weighing the pureed pumpkin, dividing them into 12 equal muffin tins, timing baking. Tomorrow we will roast the seeds. Lastly, we planted a few seeds. I know it isn’t the right time of year, and I will save some seeds to plant next year, but I wanted her to understand the full cycle and to learn to not just use up resources but to ensure the next seasons supply as well.

It was a good day, we had fun and learned a lot. I can’t wait to roast the seeds tomorrow!