Drying Herbs and Refashioning Nightgowns

I have been busy with garden and crafty things. My wonderful husband gave my sewing machine a much needed cleaning and oiling, then through some research and trial and error I got it to stop bunching (at least till I was showing the kids how to use it) I was able to make Princess a couple of night gowns from some old t-shirts that Jeremy doesn’t wear. I loosely followed the instructions form It’s Always Autumn but Princess doesn’t like things tight around her arms or neck so I just cut arms into short sleeves and left neck line as it was originally.

I have also been busy drying herbs. I have dried 2 batches of basil and am currently drying rosemary and thyme. My house smells so good right now with the herbs in the dehydrator. I am also trying yellow squash again, the batch I did the other day worked but I had no idea how much water was in the squash, they shrunk so much I could hardly get them off the tray. The cubes for soup I think will be ok. Today I cut the squash thicker and we will see how it goes.

Hopefully I will get my sewing machine to quit bunching again and I will be able to finish the apron I am in the middle of making from one of Jeremy’s old button up shirts. I could sew it by hand, but I would rather do it on the machine since I have been working on repairing an old quilt by hand.

I am off to continue all my projects,



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