First Harvest and Bread Making

Wow it has been crazy busy around here! I don’t even have a working car so it has all been on the home front, which as weird as it seems I have been loving it! Our first harvest from the garden is starting, although I lost a couple cucumbers and beans to a wild rabbit and the chickens. But I saved one little cucumber and sliced it up and made some simple refrigerator pickles. However they left  my jungle of summer squash alone. I planted a couple of black beauty zucchini plants but the green house must have gotten the sticks mixed up because what ended up coming up were yellow crook neck squash. Needless to say I was a little disappointed but the plants are growing amazingly well and after some research have discovered that anything you can do with zucchini you can do with yellow squash. First thing I am attempting is some chips, I used the slicer and made thin rings, salted them and put them in the dehydrator. I also diced some and am dehydrating them to use in soups this winter.

My basil plants are also growing like crazy. The last few years I have mostly just made pesto with them, which is great but I wanted to be able to use them in more recipes this year. My first major harvest of them I just dehydrated. I also have a plan to make some basil olive oil. I will probably do that with my harvest or at least part of it next week.

I mentioned before I have been reading the Little House books. I have always wanted to make sourdough bread, but have always felt a little intimidated. In the Long Winter, they use a sour dough starter to make bread with out yeast, and made it sound so simple. I looked up a few recipes for starters online, but some “cheated” and used yeast in the starter, I wanted a more traditional recipe. I can’t believe how simple it is! you mix flour and water in equal parts and set aside, everyday for a week you stir and add a tiny bit more flour and water to feed it.  I am on day 3 today, I can’t wait to make the bread.

While I am already mixing a starter daily, I figured why not make a Amish Friendship bread starter too. I haven’t had any in years, maybe decades! But with our sugar issues I hadn’t sound a great substitution I wanted to try, now that I have found dextrose I really wanted to try it, so I am making a starter for that too.

I have been feeling the fringes of depression hanging around, one thing I am doing is keeping busy with new projects. I have been teaching Princess how to sew, and she is loving it! we made her dolls a bed (mattress, blankets and pillows) and now are working on some clothes. By no means are they top line fashion, but they are useable and she is very proud. I also found an old quilt in my sewing fabrics, I had completely forgotten about, It got torn to shreds in the dryer a long time ago. I am planning on attempting to repair it, the task seems a little daunting, but hopefully well worth it.

I hope you find a way to thrive today, try something new!



One thought on “First Harvest and Bread Making

  1. Happy Birthday love. I wish I could spend the day with you. I know some of your depression issues revolve around the state of the kitchen and that is on me. I feel better this morning after having an egg sandwich for breakfast. I packed cottage cheese and salad for lunch, but someone already got to the porkchops so I don’t have much in the way of protein. Thankfully I still have leftover tortellini too.

    I love you,


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