Tin Can Lanterns and Water Table

School books have started to arrive!! I am so excited! First thing I did was get all the teacher manuals that have arrived and started reading through and creating the lesson plan for the first week of school. Normally I would do a month at a time, but since this is Princess’ first adventure in homeschooling since preschool I need to feel out how she is going to work best, what days and times she performs best at and the best environment for her not to mention just flat out what kind of learner she is now. I did some placement test to see where to start in some of her books and I was really proud of how well she performed. Through our daily learning notebooks I have learned a bit about her style and skills as well.

I have been listening to the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder again. I love these books, I realized I have never actually read the entire series, how that happened I have no idea! But it really speaks to my homesteading soul to listen to what life was like when she grew up, the skills they knew that we have lost, and some that are returning. The younger kids were listening with me, but only made it though Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie before Fablehaven took over their interest. However, when we were picking some topics to learn more about or to try out Pioneer skills was a winner! Yay!! Today we set out to make tin can lanterns, just like the ones Laura used (ok not just like, but a decent modern replica) in Little House. I froze water in some tin cans overnight, then the kids got busy drawing a pattern for their lanterns. Next they took hammers and a nail and poked holes into the can along the design. The ice keeps the can from getting smashed while hammering. We let the ice melt and had lanterns. I want to attach some thick wire to make a handle as well. The kids were pretty into the project and they were able to do most of it with minimal help (except Monkey.)

tin can lanterns

We also recently picked up a water table at a garage sale, what a great find! Today we washed it all up, filled it with water and Monkey and Princess had a great time! It wasn’t to hot out, but still warm enough to splash and play and maybe get a little wet. Now if I can just get the animals to stop using it as a water dish, they have water but for some reason like to drink out of the water table.

water tableToday has been a great day so far, a great day to thrive!



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