180 turn around in 1 day

It always amazes me how my depression can be lifted in a single day. One day I feel awful and the next something happens or a sequence of events happen and I feel the veil lift. That is what happened yesterday. I don’t know that it was one thing but several things.

First, yesterday was the last day of camp for Rebel, I got to pick him up at 10:30, I guess I didn’t realize how worried I was about him at camp. Last year wasn’t a great week for him at camp, it was the first time ever he didn’t have a great time. I really wanted him to make some friends and have a fun filled week. Which he did, I was so relived when he was in my arms again.

Then I got a call from Princess’s nurse at her camp, she was sick. I ran out to pick her up, poor baby, it was 80 something degrees out and she is under a blanket shivering. She had a fever and felt sick to her stomach. Now normally when my kids are sick it can be a trigger for my depression, but in this case, knowing she was home and I didn’t have to make that hour drive twice a day was more of a relief. She is doing a little better today, fever is gone and she is resting on the couch watching movies (which is a special treat.)

Also, I got an email from Princess’s online school that her school books have shipped and will be here Tuesday. It is like Christmas! I got so excited, we have to get the school room ready! I need to reorganize and get the calendar wall ready, her daily calendar notebook ready, decide if we are going to use work boxes (which I am leaning towards so she will know what to do while I am working with Monkey, and can schedule the activities she needs me for while he is sleeping,)

All of the sudden my babies are all home. Yes, I get a little crazy when they are gone, no wonder I love homeschooling. But I respect their choice enough to let them go to brick and mortar if they choose. I feel like I have a plan and goals again, I am excited wake up and get going again. So once again I have over come another round of depression and am ready to thrive again.



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