Craft Fair Day

Jeremy’s work has a craft fair a couple times a year. Employee’s can sell handmade goods in a communal room. We have been doing the craft fairs about one a year for a few years now. Sometimes nothing sells, but most of the time we sell enough to make it worth it, get some of what we do out there. This year, Jeremy sold some of his plarn market bags. If you have never heard of plarn it is yarn made from recycled plastic bags, we then use the plarn to make reusable market bags that are amazingly strong. I use them for everything from shopping, to pool bags to catch all bags. He also sold all of that hand milled soap that I made, plus some of my vanilla and unscented base soap, along with my healing body butter. not much of my soap sold, but there was lots of interest which hopefully means maybe in the future someone will order some from me. It is always an exciting time to see what other people think of what you have worked so hard to make. Even though I make it mostly for me not  to sell, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to sell it. I just have trouble picking one thing to make and sell. I really like doing one thing for awhile then I do something else for awhile. That is one reason I enjoy making soaps and lotions so much, I can make a few batches and play for a couple weeks, but then I have enough for months and can do other hobbies between times. Jeremy sent me some pictures of his booth. He works at a secure location so I can’t go see it or visit, I just had to live with text through out the day.Jer craft fair lotion

I hope you find things to make you thrive!



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