Garden and Chickens

I am struggling with the beat the heat menu, I am not sure what my problem is, I think maybe I am blocking it. I can think of simple things, like Cobb Salad, burgers on the grill, crock pot refiried beans and crock pot just about anything. But I am feeling uninspired, I don’t want all the normal things, but I don’t know what I do want. Silly i know, but it is what it is.

I did find a couple of things for the kids such as a water wall. We are collecting varies bottles for it now and I am hoping it will be one of the first projects for summer break. Right now the pool is holding their attention, and Rebel is spending his quiet time in the hammock with his books. Speaking of Rebel and his books, I am so proud of him. He received a special award at school today for reading, only a total of 6 kids in the school received it. Both Rebel and Princess received medals for completing their year long reading goals. I am a very proud Mama!

Rebel's reading award
Rebel’s reading award

Today we also combined the “teen” chickens with the grown up chickens, they have been roaming around the yard together with no problems for the last week, and I wanted to replant my garden so we decided it was time. They were very unsure at first, and at bed time they didn’t know what to do, they are figuring it out. The older girls seem generally fine with them, it will be much easier now having just one coop.

Girls figuring out what to do.
Girls figuring out what to do.

Lastly, we finally began the process of replanting my garden. Some one let the chickens out right after Princess and I planted last time (and she had grown a bunch from seed as part of her Girl Scout Daisy Journey) and the chickens ate everything. I was very discouraged and thought about just skipping a garden this year since I have so much other things going on. But I just couldn’t do it, something was missing. Last weekend when I went to the farmer’s market I couldn’t resist the veggie starts! But it had been so hot and the chickens had been out I hadn’t been able to plant. Tonight we finally had a free night so I was able to get them in the ground before they died. I am so excited. I know I will have to make some more room because I still have some more plants I want to get this weekend that she was out of last weekend. But at least I have started!garden

Hope you did something today to make you thrive!



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