Toddler made gifts and Last Spring Concert

ok ok I know I said my goal for today was 5 beat the heat meals and 5 kids activities, but today got side tracked. I will still do that goal but today we had to make some birthday gifts for Monkey’s dad! Originally I was going to do one of them for Father’s Day, but then I got another idea that you will have to wait to see what it is, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything. Albert, Monkey’s dad, loves peanuts…in the shell…and I was surfing around looking at ideas and saw a bunch with variations of “Nuts: for Dad. Leading to our first gift, my original plan was to have Monkey “write” on the tag, but nap time interfered with my plans, so technically he just handed it to Dad and Nona (me) did all the work.nuts for dad

Next while we ran some errands this morning we found a nice size rock. When we got home I washed it and put it in the sun to dry while Monkey slept. After he woke up, I gave him some red and blue paint and let him paint his rock. Luckily it is still pretty warm today so it dried fast and I was able to write “My Dad Rocks: on it. The idea is a paper weight, but you could use it for a door stop or decoration, what ever you like.

dad rocksLastly today we had Rebel’s Spring Concert. This is his first year in band and playing the trombone, but he seems to be pretty natural at it. They were amazing, I would never have guess these kids had just learned how to play. It was pretty exciting too, in one of the songs the trombones were featured, so they all stood up and did this really neat slide thing as part of the song. I was very impressed. Rebel trombone

I did make one beat the heat meal today, pasta salad, super easy to throw together and was able to cook the pasta and chicken in the morning before it got hot. Everyone loves it, except Princess, but it would be pretty impressive if they all liked the same meal.

Hope you thrived today too!



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