Spring Concerts and beat the heat goals

This is the week of Spring Concerts. The boys had one each last week and another each this week, Princess had her’s today too.

Have I mentioned I don’t do well in weather over about 77 degrees? We have been in the mid 80’s all week! Come on I live in Washington for a reason, I can handle rain, no problem going out in the rain, I puddle jump with the best of them. We usually have a few days each summer, maybe a week or two, of hot temps. It is scaring me that it is the beginning of June and already we have had a week of hot! Poor Monkey and I sit camped out in front of fans all afternoon, it is getting old fast. I think the worst part is it effects my depression and mood so much. I just don’t want to move, my head hurts all the time, therefore my house is a mess, I don’t want to cook. Yikes!! grumble grumble grumble!!

I need a plan of action! Tomorrow my goal is to come back with at least 5 meals to beat the heat and 5 activities to do with kids while it is hot outside. Ok so my goal is now public, I can do this!

Now on a much happier note Princess had her Spring concert tonight. Oh goodness, those kids were so cute! They sang 2 songs, the first was about ocelots and the second featured toucans.Which is why in the picture she is posed as an ocelot and her shirt has a toucan. The overall theme of the concert was Rainforest. Super cute!Sera Concert

Rocket had his spring concert tonight too, at least we had about an hour in between. This was his last concert for school and in a few weeks it will be his last concert. He is taking such a full academic load he doesn’t have room for band anymore. It has been a great hobby for him, and he has gained skills, confidence and friends. He still has one last summer of band camp, so one final performance before he retires his instrument. I missed getting a picture of just him tonight before he had to turn in his uniform, but I have posted him in his uniform before. I am very proud of Rocket.

Learning to thrive in the heat,



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