Balloon Ping Pong and failed ice cream

Today was hot again, so Monkey and I spent the day keeping as cool as possible, sitting in front of fans and watching anything with singing, That boy loves to sing and dance!

I was in charge of figuring out a game for the Girl Scout meeting tonight with our new Brownies. It is our last official meeting before summer break, although we will be meeting up a few times over summer and then at camp too. I wanted something fun but not to wild, as our girls can be a little energetic. I decided on balloon ping pong, it was a major success! I had a feeling it would be so I made sure I made enough “paddles” and brought enough balloons so everyone could take home a set. I have no idea where the original idea came from, but since I forgot to take pictures here is where I found the inspiration.I used craft sticks instead of paint sticks.

I have also been trying to make sugar free ice cream. So far all my attempts have failed. I used a traditional recipe and just substituted stevia for the sugar. At first taste it was great, but then it sat on your tongue for a minute there was this really nasty after taste, the cookies that I made had a bit of the same after taste but it was tolerable, the ice cream was not. I finally caved tonight and just bought ice cream. I am not giving up, but am feeling pretty discouraged. I think I will go back to using agave and do some more testing, also using smaller quantities instead of trying it out in the big ice cream machine. I have one of those kind that looks like a ball, you roll it around and in about 15 minutes you have ice cream, but it only makes a pint. I should probably start small.

Today was about surviving the heat!


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