Dinos in the Dirt and Depression

I suffer from depression. I am on a low dose of medication, which does help me deal with it. Mostly learning about myself, my triggers and how the depression affects me has been the most beneficial thing I have done. Today was a very bad depression day. Honestly, I just wanted to stay in bed all day, read my book or watch tv and eat junk food. Since I couldn’t do that, I was grumpy, easily irritated, tired, unmotivated and head-achy. When I know I am suffering from depression, one of the most important things I do is reach out to my husband and daughter to let them know how I am feeling. There isn’t much they can do, remind me to take my medication (in case I haven’t) or encourage me. Mostly it is so some one else knows how I am feeling and I don’t isolate myself. Then I do the best I can to do the normal things of my day. Today I knew was going to be about surviving the day.

I am still not entirely sure how I got the kids all off to school. I let Princess have hot lunch, one less lunch to make, and cereal or microwaved sausage made into a sandwich for breakfast. Forget braids or anything else in Princess’ hair, she got a messy bun. Ok done, kids to school!

Now, I still have Monkey. Thank goodness I had all those file folder games that I fixed up during his nap yesterday. We sat at the table and played with those, while I downed way to much coffee. But then, I opened the back door to let a breeze in, I am not sure it was a mistake or the greatest gift of the morning. Immediately he ditched the games and wanted to play outside. The sun was out so I was like great! I quickly grabbed the basket of plastic dinosaurs off the shelf and headed out after him. I put the dinosaurs in the dirt, showed him how fun it was to play with them and went and sat at the picnic table with my book. I could see the whole backyard and watch him play, perfect. IMG_4063After awhile, the chickens started to be loud, Bat Girl had laid an egg and apparently she wanted the world to know about it. I decided it was time to get up and move, so I went to give the chickens some scratch. Monkey was more than willing to help. He loves helping me give the chickens scratch, he used to think you threw it AT the chickens, I have finally taught him they do not like it thrown at them. He was so happy and cute doing it I had to give him another bucket to throw in for them, not to mention I think only about half of it made it inside the coop.IMG_4070

Lastly, my survival technique for cup cakes on a day like today, when buying them isn’t an option. I so wish I could find a place to buy sugar free cup cakes. I looked at the back of the cake mix box, easy right? eggs, oil and water…well on a day like today, that seemed overwhelming. Inspiration struck, I had just seen on Facebook about the can of soda added to a cake mix and that was it. I had done this before ages and ages ago and I knew it worked great. I could handle adding a diet coke into the mix and stirring. Now Rebel had a cup cake he could eat after his recital while everyone else got cake.

Yay Me! I survived!



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