Day Off and More Soap

I was scheduled to have Monkey today but due to car issues he got to stay home and I got a surprise day to myself. Probably the last one I will have for at least a year since Summer vacation is coming and Princess is homeschooling next year.

With a wide open schedule I had a brain storm session (in my head) of what to do today. At first I thought absolutely nothing! Stay in my jammies curl up on the couch and veg between books and TV. Books….I just received a new book on soaps… There were lots of hand milled soaps ( you grate up a base soap add water and other additives to make different textures and scents) I really wanted to try out. Soap making won out!

I ended up hand milling almost 4lbs of base soap into Aloe Vera,  Coffee, Rosemary, Rose Petal and Oatmeal-Cinnamon soaps. Between chopping, melting, blending and molding it took most of the day! By the time I was done I realized I had used all my unscented regular soap, so I made another batch of hot processed soap for the next time I need to make laundry soap or get the opportunity to make more hand milled soap. It was so much fun to just go through my cupboards, plants and garden to make soaps with different properties to heal, soothe, hydrate and exfoliate. I am so excited to take them out of the molds and see how the look tomorrow.

Today was an amazing day to thrive!



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