Music and Mothers

Today was pretty relaxed, which was really nice! My Mother-in-law came down to visit and loved her soap. I am so glad! I didn’t get a picture off all the soap cut into bars because it was easier to transport her bars home before they were cut. I did get a picture of the few that I kept. I think they turned out pretty well, I like the nice soft later.

My soap cut into bars
My soap cut into bars

She also brought me a new book on soap making and just flipping through it I have already found a ton of different ones  I want to try! So I am sure there will be plenty more soap adventures happening soon.

This afternoon Rocket and I went to see one of his friends play in  a Blues band. He is the drummer in the band and they were in a competition that hopefully will take them to TN. They were the only youth band to be playing and they totally took the house down! It was AMAZING! They are all between 13 – 15 years old but if you were just listening you would never gues they are just kids. These are some very special and talented young men and women! I wish I could put a video in here of them but I do not have permission to do it.

Just for a little fun we went and did a little thrift shopping too. Debbie found some cute dresses one of which we decided would be really cute if she dyed it since it is black with a white print and she felt it was a little boring. But we decided if she dyed it a bright blue, the black would stay black and the white print would be blue making it bolder and not so boring. I also found a new ice cream maker. With Rebel’s food allergy I am excited to try this out as well. I feel like today is a day of ideas and of potential. I may not have made or completed any projects but I have once again started my brain working on more things I want to try and do and make. I love creating!

Today was defiantly a day in which I felt like I thrived!



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