Swings and Tools

I am so excited! I was able to get the kids a swing set from the Buy Nothing Project! If you don’t know about it I highly recommend you look for it in your area. Of course when you get something used and free I didn’t expect perfection, it is missing the see-saw part. Do I care, not at all! It also didn’t have instructions but, it was pretty straight forward. 


The kids were so excited, they may never come inside this summer! We did replace one of the swings with a toddler one for Monkey (which we already had but hadn’t been able to use because we didn’t have a tree in a good location that was big enough.) 


Monkey really wanted to help put the swing together but wasn’t quite big enough. Now I would not recommend this for most toddlers but I knew Monkey would be able to be safe plus, I was right next to him the whole time. I grabbed a bunch of bolts and nuts and a couple screwdrivers, put them in his sensory tub and let him explore! He loved it and it passed the time till the swing set was ready. 


Heading back outside to thrive in the sun!



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