Failure and Success!

Our camping adventure was an epic failure. Since we had decided at the last minute (a week before Memorial Day ) we were to late to reserve a spot. We chose to try and get a spot at a national park that was first come first serve. First, we hit way more traffic then we anticipated, then we finally, after about 3 hours, made it to the campground which was completely full. We looked at some other campgrounds but again all full. Finally at 8pm we found a spot that was available for just the one night. We got the tent set up, in the rain, beds made and by 10pm every one in bed. Once we laid down and tried to sleep my muscles we all so sore I started cramping with no room to move. By 2am I had not slept and our air mattress deflated. Jeremy and I moved to the car with the shivering dogs, finally got a couple hours sleep. All I wanted by that pint was to go home. We woke up at 6 am had a quick breakfast packed up and came home. 

Yesterday we spent recovering and sleeping. However we made plans with Britney and Monkey to go to the zoo today. So we got up, ate yummy breakfast burritos, packed a picnic lunch and off we went.  


We saw elephants and tigers and monkeys, a tortoise and jelly fish, plus lots more! 


Of course we played in the kid’s zone! 

      On our way home we stopped at a garage sale and found a Dora power wheels for Monkey that we are going to re make into a Batmobile for his birthday. I will post about the project. 

Now dinner and a movie!  


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