Swinging and Nature Walk

Sleeping last night was not much better, I am so tired I just want to curl up and take a nap. On the other hand I am so excited for this weekend, by this time tomorrow we will be packing up the car, filling coolers and as soon as kids are out of school heading to the mountains.

We did some testing of the new hammock before we take it camping. I have the feeling I will be needing to pick up a couple more over the course of the summer. Captain and Princess were arguing over who got to take a nap in it first after school. Princess got her turn, but Captain was the one that actually did fall asleep and take a nap, and for the kid who has trouble sleeping that was quite the triumph. It was super simple to hang up, the knots were already tied all you had to do was put the rope around a tree and clip the metal clip. I meant to take some pictures, but got caught up in setting it up and testing it out. I did get some this morning of Monkey, although he didn’t like to lay down (that might me he had to take a nap) he loved sitting in it and swinging back and forth.

Monkey swinging in the hammock.
Monkey swinging in the hammock.

Today also as part of tot school Monkey and I played a new game. I have seen this on several sites, I have no idea who the first one to come up with it is to credit them. It is a simple game using a paper towel holder, the kind with a post that stands up, and cheap shower curtain rings.

photo 1

I loved how careful he was playing with this, he would slide the rings all the way to the bottom, not just let them drop. He also discovered the smaller pole and put a few rings on to it. Although he was not really happy with me when he was finished and i wanted to put the rings back into the basket. He took the basket and put it away on the shelf where it belongs but wanted to keep the rings on the stand. Monkey was very proud of his hard work.

After I showed him the hammock, there was no way our outdoor loving boy was ready to go back inside! Instead we went on a nature walk, talking about all the colors that are out and blooming right now. We saw red, white and yellow roses, green shiny leaves, orange poppies and gray rocks. Then to our surprise we saw the apple tree was starting to get the small apples on it. We also found some that had fallen off the tree and explored them, along with a few leave that we were not as careful with as we should have been and came off in our hand. Monkey was so excited to see the tiny apples starting to grow, later in summer and fall it is one of his favorite things to go into the yard and pick an apple off the tree and eat it.

photo 4photo 5

Besides the usual coloring, blocks and stickers that was most of our day at tot school.

Soon it is off to pick up the big kids from school and head to music lessons! I am excited about that because there is a nice used book store right by lessons and I want to make sure everyone has some reading material for camping.

Do something today that makes you thrive!



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