Thriving Sleep Deprived

Hey Sunshines!

Last night was awful! My insomnia kicked in full force, and once I finally got to sleep I kept waking up every hour or so. Yuck! Woke up feeling tired and grumpy! But I can’t really be grumpy when I have kids to take care of, bless Rocket who made me a pot of coffee while I was getting dressed this morning! He is such an amazing kid! My husband had taken care of Princess’s connection to Mommy last night by drawing a dragonfly on her leg just like mine. No problems getting her to school today!

Just like Mommy's
Just like Mommy’s

Got all the kids off to school and then Monkey and I set off on shopping adventures. I discovered to my total excitement I had some money on my Starbuck’s card that I had forgotten! Yay!! Quick drive through and I had my favorite vanilla mocha and Monkey had his favorite ice tea!


Challenge #1 – Caffeine – Completed

We had a lot of shopping to do, we are going camping for the long weekend! I am so excited! But it is rare that we go for more than one night, just because of work and other commitments. This time we are going for 3 nights and 4 days. I have heard at Scouts that a lot of the boys have switched from tents to hammocks. They are lighter weight and fun! The boys all pack tarps anyway so even if it rains they know how to protect themselves. Well I wanted one! Not to sleep in at night, although Captain might end up using it for that for Scouts. I just wanted it to hang out in at camp! Found a light weight one in the camping section of Walmart for around $25. I will let you know how it works when we get back, but I am pretty excited! I also found a replacement water bag and tube for a day pack for around $10! I will let you know about that too.

One of my best tricks for shopping with toddlers, pack snacks! We shopped for about 2 1/2 hours and Monkey was a happy boy and well behaved, of course the fruit snacks were a big part of that.

Challenge #2 – Shopping with Toddler – Completed

So as this is a work in progress, I am realizing my best writing time is mid day. In order to make it flow better starting tomorrow I will write about the afternoon before and that morning.

So have a great day loves! and remember to not just survive but to thrive!



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